Sleek Electric Jet Ski Is Fit for a Super Hero



With the EXO, French company EXOCONCEPT is looking to revolutionize the personal watercraft market. Silent, thanks to an electric motor, the EXO doesn’t look or sound like what one expects from a jet ski and it doesn’t even pump out any smoke or gasoline fumes...

L’Exo un scooter des mers non poluant, 100 pour cent impressionnant.


All Boats Avenue

Présenté en avant-première à la 34ème édition du festival de la plaisance de Cannes, L’Exo conçu et imaginé par la société Française Exoconcept, basée à Valence, est un engin nautique high-tech au design futuriste et unique en son genre...




We might not have seen a whole lot of jet skis in our career here but from the handful that we have seen thus far, the Exo Concept EXO is perhaps the sleekest of all...

Exoconcept EXO all-electric jet ski: perfect for lake recon, your next indie action film


The IT Chronicle

Part jet ski, part electric water scooter, 100 percent awesome. That’s the Exoconcept Exo — a new sea-born vehicle for stealth missions and the occasional run-in with Mr. Living Vicariously. The craft comes in a few flavors with shells made of high-end carbon fiber or ABS plastic, and engines ranging from 3.5-7kWh...

High Concept, Introducing the Silent Jet Ski


We’ll break it down for you. Basically, it’s the kind of watercraft Batman (or Zohan) would use when infiltrating enemy waters. There’s no traditional motor, so the thing is quiet—it runs on batteries. And instead of sitting on it, you’re lying down on top of it, giving you added furtiveness. The only caveat: its speed tops out at about 31 mph.

The Exo Electric Watercraft by EXOCONCEPT



Exo electric watercraft gifts a radically new form aside from the exceptional and perfect building high quality. It features ergonomic desk, ecological, and transportable design.

Exo Watercraft, l'engin nautique au look futuriste


Entre le offshore et la motomarine, ce fabuleux engin nautique est taillé pour fendre les flots à vive allure. Découvrant un design futuriste, Exo Watercraft va prochainement devenir le roi des plages.